Partners For The Next Century

Dec. 21, 2004

Nothing inspires a list-making craze like the final months of a decade/century/millennium. Not to be outdone by the entertainment industry -- which rigorously compiled and ceaselessly publicized the century's best movies, TV shows, novels, athletes, popular songs, and so on -- the business press offered its own overtures to the passing era. Gangster "Lucky" Luciano made Time's list of the most influential business geniuses. Sears, Roebuck & Co. was named department store of the century. Eisenhower's establishment of the interstate highway system topped a list of pivotal U.S. business events. Advertising Age picked Volkswagon's "Think small" program (1959) as the century's No. 1 ad campaign. And Fortune dubbed Henry Ford businessman of the century. As engaging as these retrospectives were, not one made IW's annual book of lists, the 2000 Global Manufacturers' Resource Guide. We culled our selections from other sources, respected authorities in their areas of expertise, with an eye not to the past but to the future. In this collection you will find transportation, technology, energy, and financial-service suppliers; plant and corporate benchmarking data, international economic statistics, and an index of valuable government resources; communities where manufacturing excels; and the academic institutions that are training the next generation of managers. We hope this knowledge and these business partners help you and your company compete in the current century. Manufacturing Worldwide International Industrial Scorecard Trade Shows Manufacturing & Management Associations U.S. and International Embassies Gauging Global Competitiveness U.S. Government Agencies World's Top 50 Transnational Corporations Financial/Professional Services World Stock Markets Largest Executive Search Firms 50 Largest Advertising Agencies Largest International Banks Largest International Law Firms Top 25 International Accounting Networks Top 25 Property/Casualty Insurers Best Practices IW 1000: Top Global Manufacturers IW 1000: Industry Benchmarks Census Of Manufacturers World's Best-Managed Companies: Four-Time Winners America's Best Plants: 1995-1999 Operations Leading Software Manufacturers Leading U.S. Long-Distance Providers World's Largest Steel Producers Top U.S. Power Marketers / International Electricity Costs Top 25 Investor-Owned Electric Utility Companies Largest IT Companies Air Travel and Transport / World's Best Hotels Largest Waste Management Firms Top 25 U.S. Motor Carriers Leading Third-Party Logistics Suppliers International Freight and Transport Market Development/Site Selection Top 50 U.S. World-Class Communities U.S. Economic Development Agencies Global Economic Development Organizations World Trade Centers National Laboratories U.S. Technology Transfer Centers Knowledge Base Executive Education Programs Top Consulting Firms Leading U.S. Business Schools

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