Authors Analyze Japanese Economy In New Book

In Raj Aggarwal's new book, Restructuring Japanese Business for Growth: Strategy, Finance, Management & Marketing Perspectives (1999, Kluwer Academic Publishers), the editor helps readers better understand the Japanese economy as it recovers from its deepest recession since World War II. Some of the world's leading experts on Japanese business, including those from the Pacific Asian Management Institute in Honolulu, contribute to the 18 chapters. The book's focus ranges from the role of Japanese women in the workplace, to the education and competitiveness of Japanese firms in a changing global economy. Chapters also analyze topics such as the U.S. trade balance, and Japanese marketing in the post-bubble era. "Many consider Japan to be a nation that is a mystery wrapped in an enigma," says Aggarwal. "This book attempts to lift some of this fog and focuses on the likely shape of Japanese business in the post-bubble early part of the new century."

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