Author's Essays Address Role of Worker

In Beyond Certainty: The Changing Worlds of Organizations, author Charles Handy presents 35 essays on the evolving role of the worker. In paperback for the first time, the book includes essays with the following titles: "Are Jobs for Life Killing Enterprise?," "Why There's Life After Work," "What They Don't Teach You at Business School," and "What it Takes to Make a Manager." The common thread of all the essays is uncertainty. Handy, who considers himself a social philosopher, suggests how to keep up with business processes that have accelerated to a dizzying pace.

"Our world is about to see a change as significant as the technological event that launched Europe into a new age 600 years ago when the printing press was invented and developed," Handy says of the new Information Age. "It will be an exciting time, a time of great opportunities for those who can seize them, but of great threat and fear for many." Handy's book is published by Harvard Business School Press, Boston.

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