Baan Offering Targets Industrial Application Manufacturing Processes

Compiled By Deborah Austin Baan -- provider of business-to-business collaborative commerce solutions -- has introduced iBaan for Industrial Machinery and Equipment. The solution is intended to boost agility and control across extended enterprises for industrial-goods manufacturing players. It offers a range of applications focused on core business information functions including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer-relationship management (CRM), supply-chain management (SCM) and product-lifecycle management. The new iBaan solution can place engineering/pricing knowledge in hands of sales reps, resellers or consumers -- and offers service order entry and customer confirmation on-site. It provides a sales configurator; self-service portal capabilities and automatic change propagation for cost-efficient supplier coordination; and management of "as sold/as built/as engineered/as maintained bill of materials." Baan, Barneveld, the Netherlands, is part of automation/controls firm Invensys PLC.

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