BMW Taps Centra For SAP Training

By Doug Bartholomew Any IT manager worth his salt will tell you that one of the keys to a successful IT implementation is employee training. To that end, BMW of North America LLC is using Centra online e-learning software to train its employees to use SAP. "With 1,100 employees and 15 offices located across North America, it is not cost-effective to fly trainers and employees around for every type of training," says Victoria Macdonald, training manager for BMW of North America. "With Centra-powered Web collaboration, conveniently accessed through Centra's secure ASP (application service provider) we can quickly and cost-effectively deliver that training to employees when they need it, regardless of location." Because BMW's SAP system is heavily customized, the company could not depend on off-the-shelf training materials. Centra's application sharing feature will enable BMW to provide hands-on expert guidance over the Web. "Centra is the only vendor on the market that delivers reliable audio and has proved consistently capable of handling rich interactive experiences over dial-up, including application sharing -- which is crucial to our Web-based SAP training program," says Macdonald.

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