Boeing's Woes Mount -- Missed Deliveries, Lawsuits

Not only has the strike by 22,600 technical employees and engineers at Boeing Co. moved into its fourth week, but the two sides can't even agree whether negotiations have reached an impasse. The union has filed an unfair labor practice disputing Boeing's contention that an impasse exists. What's more, Boeing is behind schedule on plane deliveries -- only 27 of a scheduled 42 were delivered in February. And last week, 28 female employees filed a class-action lawsuit that alleges the Seattle-based airline manufacturer with both sexual harassment and sexual discrimination in the form of unequal pay and promotion opportunities. In the last six months, Boeing has paid $14.2 million to settle a race discrimination class-action lawsuit and over $4.5 million to settle race and discrimination claims filed with the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

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