Boise Cascade Wins Waste Wise Award

Minnesota Waste Wise, the largest waste education and assistance program for business in the U.S., has named Boise Cascade Corp. the winner of its Leader Award. The company was recognized for its efforts in reducing solid waste and increasing company efficiency through employee involvement. "Boise Cascade provides a very exciting example of what happens when employees on the shop floor are included in environmental solutions," says Karen Baumgaertner, manager of Minnesota Waste Wise. "Although Boise Cascade has nearly doubled its operations, it still uses about the same amount of grease and oil as before. Thanks to its oil crew, a comprehensive procedure for managing these lubricants has been adopted. The company proves that including employee ideas in waste reduction is a good business investment." Since 1992 Boise Cascade has recycled more than 21,000 fluorescent tubes and 33,000 lb of batteries. Over the last 10 years the company's mill has decreased its energy consumption by 34% per ton of paper produced. In addition, Boise Cascade has cut costs and improved efficiency through a closed-cycle pulping process that reuses chemicals as well as water.

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