Book Offers Advice On Developing Profitable Supplier Relationships

In her new book, "Profit-Focused Supplier Management: How to Identify Risks and Recognize Opportunities" (2003, AMACON), author Pirkko Ostring points out that the success of any alliance relies on the health of the individual players. The manager of business analysis for Finland's Nokia Corp. then shares her thoughts on how to vet potential suppliers for both financial and operational soundness -- with the ultimate goal to maximize these relationships and minimize their risks. She has spent more than 15 years evaluating companies in the communications and high-tech sectors. Among the topics Ostring explores are:

  • categories of risk and risk assessment;
  • quantitative analysis;
  • the business implications of annual reports; and
  • qualitative factors such as management.
The book also includes case studies of a fictitious business analyst named Jill Turner who encounters "real world" work situations that any analyst could face. "By observing Jill's methods, the reader can develop his or her own operating procedures," the book notes.
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