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Book Pinpoints Seven Rules To Merger Success

Worldwide mergers are up 30% and the average size of merger deals is more than $100 million. But a two-year study of 115 mergers by three consultants at global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney has found that over half -- or 57% -- of those mergers fail to meet profit expectation. What's more, profits increased at just one-third of the merged companies. The study's findings -- released earlier this month -- were analyzed in the book After the Merger: Seven Rules for Successful Post-Merger Integration. Consultants Max Habeck, Fritz Kroeger, and Michael Traem - authors of the book -- suggest these key rules for merger success:

  • A clear and realistic integration vision.
  • Make leadership the central issue.
  • Focus on growth, not efficiency.
  • Make tangible, positive moves early.
  • Combine cultures, rather than imposing one.
  • Communicate frequently and get feedback.
  • Prioritize projects.
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