Branding Solution Leaps Linguistic Obstacles

Spreading word of your brand globally requires linguistic skills. And companies that nurture global brands benefit greatly, according to Day Software and TRADOS Inc., California-based software companies that have joined together to provide a global branding solution. Day and TRADOS technology streamlines globalization and delivers localized brand content across a multilingual environment, say the companies. This framework brings together Day's enterprise content management technology for global brand management, including features for creating generic templates and separating design and content, with TRADOS' translation memory and terminology management, including centralized term bases, corporate glossaries and global terminology management. "In our globalized economy almost all key business processes rely on the efficient management of the enterprise's Web properties," says Michael Moppert, chairman and CEO of Day. "Our joint platform enables customers to make sure that all their Internet-based communication channels speak with one voice -- regardless of location, geography, time zone or language. With this we significantly increase business process efficiency and time-to-market while driving down cost." TRADOS and Day customers include DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen Group and Johnson Controls.

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