Brazil To Drive Internet Services Growth, Research Finds

Compiled by Tonya Vinas Data centers, data transmission, and value-added Internet services are expected to grow to $10.5 billion worldwide by 2005, according to Probe Research Inc.'s Global Internet Service Provider Markets service, and Brazil will be one of the driving markets in this growth. "Several leading business [in Brazil] have e-commerce initiatives," says Alan Mosher, research director for the Probe group. "Petrobras will have 750 suppliers using its procurement Web site. Bradesco, Brazil's largest bank, offers free online account access, and 22% of its customers now bank online." Also driving Internet networking growth in Brazil will be the government, which plans to expand access with 250,000 "electronic presence points." "This initiative will not only extend access to remote areas, but it plays an important part in Brazil's desire to lower communications costs between citizens and government agencies," Mosher says.

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