BU Offers Executive Education Program In China

By John S. McClenahen Add Boston University's School of Management to the growing list of U.S. and other foreign-based business schools setting up shop in China. Slated to begin next summer in partnership with Shanghai's Dong Hua University, the International Management Program-China (IMP-China) will offer M.B.A. students the opportunity to interact and study full time with Chinese business executives. "Having grown up and been educated within a closed economy for many years, Chinese managers may possess excellent technical or execution skills. However, they need to enrich themselves with a set of new perspectives and competencies to lead effectively in market-oriented global businesses," notes Aimin Yan, an associate professor of organizational behavior at BU's management school and the IMP-China program director. The school expects to have about 50 students initially in the program -- a mix of executives from U.S. and Asian multinational companies operating in China, Chinese students interested in pursuing their M.B.A. degrees at BU in Boston, and a few American M.B.A. students.

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