Business Travelers Taking Fewer Trips, Staying Longer

Today's frequent business traveler tends to be a senior manager at a small service company; in fact, nearly two-thirds of all business travelers work at a company site with fewer than 100 staffers, says a survey by OAG Worldwide. Some other findings in OAG's Business Travel Lifestyle Survey 1998:

  • More business travelers are now bound by a corporate travel policy -- nearly 90% in 1998, compared with 60% the previous year.
  • They're making longer trips with more nights away in hotels (average: 45 nights a year, up from 37), although the actual number of trips has fallen to 20 yearly, from an average 21 in 1997.
  • When choosing an airline, they say a convenient schedule matters most, followed by safety and punctuality.
  • Forty percent would change their airline if its carry-on baggage policy became too strict. Twenty percent had carry-on items refused at check-in within the last 12 months.
OAG Worldwide is an independent provider of travel information products and services.
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