CEOs In Asia Optimistic About Economic Growth

A new survey of 282 CEOs in Asia shows 15% of respondents "extremely optimistic" and 56% "somewhat optimistic" about their businesses' economic growth. The survey was conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the World Economic Forum. Two-thirds of the respondents said Asia offers the greatest opportunity for economic growth, while 13% see Europe as the greatest opportunity. Nearly 75% of CEOs surveyed believe that electronic business -- that generated through the use of the Internet and intranet technologies -- will either "completely reshape" or have a "significant impact" on competition in their industries. Twenty percent of the CEOs expect more than 20% of their total revenues to come from electronic business in five years. When asked how the challenges of today will be different in 10 years, most of the CEOs said they will need to be more savvy in information technology.

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