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China Is Top Anti-Dumping Target

By John S. McClenahen During the second half of 2003, China topped the list of countries subject to anti-dumping investigations, according to World Trade Organization statistics released on April 20. Some 30 investigations into allegations of export sales at less than fair value were initiated. The United States, with 12, was second on the list. Eight investigations each were initiated against the European Communities and Japan. India and South Korea were each subject to seven investigations. Overall, during the second half of last year, 14 WTO members initiated 115 investigations against 30 countries or customs territories, down significantly from the 18 members who initiated 161 anti-dumping investigations during the second half of 2002. India, with 33, initiated the largest number of anti-dumping investigations from July through December of last year. The U.S. was second with 21, and China was third with 11. Chemicals, base metals and plastics were the product exports most often involved.

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