China's Demand For Printers Growing

Manufacturers associated with the printer market should look to China, which ranks among the world's fastest growing printer markets, says Peng Fu, chief analyst for Advanced Forecasting and HuiCong (AFHC). The country's 1998 printer sales growth will surpass 34% -- with more than 2 million units -- after jumping 50% in 1997, says a recent AFHC report. A stable currency strengthens China's purchasing ability, says Fu. Moreover, the Chinese government wants to develop its information technology industry -- and because its domestic products don't match the quality produced elsewhere, it needs to import. AFHC's Channel Survey & Industry Reports: High-tech Markets in China uses primary research surveying more than 2,000 resellers and 100 vendors in Mainland China. AFHC is a joint venture of Silicon Valley-based Advanced Forecasting Inc. and HuiCong, China's largest high-tech market research and advertising group. HuiCong's relationships with China's distribution channels and vendors enable it to collect primary data, says AFHC president Moshe Handelsman. For more information visit the Advanced Forecasting Web site or call 408-725-2964.

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