Chip Shipments on the Rebound in '97

The Semiconductor Industry Assn. (SIA) has forecast, based on data prepared by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Committee, that the worldwide chip industry will grow 4.6% in 1997 and ship $138 billion worth of product. The increase compares with an abnormal drop in 1996 when shipments fell by more than 10% worldwide, which, says the SIA, was a result of depreciation of the yen and European currencies against the dollar.

The U.S. market--accounting for 33% of the worldwide market--is expected to rise 6.8% to $45.6 billion, after a 9.2% decrease in 1996, and then continue on with above 20% growth per year through the decade. Again accounting for economic assumptions of currencies for specific regions, the WSTS data forecasts the European market rising 6.9% and shipping $29.2 billion; Asia Pacific rising 9.7% and shipping $30.2 billion; and Japan decreasing by 3.4% to $33 billion. The forecast represents net product shipments of all chip companies in a region, including foreign subsidiaries, as well as intradivisional and interdivisional sales, except internal production.

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