Chrysler Executive Calls For Meeting of Manufacturing, Design

It's time for manufacturing and design functions to get together, says Frank J. Ewasyshyn, vice president of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering for Chrysler Corp. and general chairman of the 1998 SAE Automotive Manufacturing Conference & Exposition (IAM). "The need for manufacturing to work hand in hand with design engineering has taken on a new priority in the automotive industry," said Ewasyshyn, who was elected to chair the Society of Automotive Engineers event in 1994. "Reductions in time to market and ever-increasing demands from customers mandate increased teamwork. This need can best be met by manufacturing professionals and design engineering professionals gaining a better understanding of each other's roles and responsibilities in this ever-changing and demanding industry." The 1998 IAM, to be held next May at Cobo Center, Detroit, is a venue for bringing these traditionally disparate camps together. The event includes seminars, technical sessions, and workshops. SAE is now accepting input for participating in the technical education program or exhibiting and/or attending IAM.

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