Collaborative Event Management Increases Value-Chain Visibility

Compiled By Traci Purdum The latest version of Logility Voyager Collaborate, by business-to-business collaborative commerce solutions provider Logility Inc., touts increased value-chain visibility via synchronized time-phased event plans and related buyer and seller activities for promotions, new product introductions, substitutions, close outs and new store openings. According to the Atlanta-based company, many companies attempt to drive business and differentiate themselves through numerous promotions. Indeed, "Many consumer goods and retail companies are highly promotion driven," says Andrew White, research director at Gartner Inc., global research firm "The ability to synchronize, view and monitor promotions and special events with specific trading partners greatly increases the value of collaboration." Key features of Logility Voyager Collaborate 6.2 include:

  • Collaborative Event Calendar: Offers a graphical view of each trading partners' corporate calendar, synchronizing critical information on product launches, new store openings, special events and promotions that impact demand creation and fulfillment.
  • Events Control Tower: Offers a role-based view of events such as promotions, new product introductions, substitutions and close-outs related to specific buyer and seller trading pairs.
  • Expanded Event-Base Monitoring: Identifies discrepancies in promotional lifts, sell-in and sell-through rates, calendar schedules, item assignments or availability as well as missing data.
  • Event Audits: Offers visibility of all changes and comments made for an event including date changes, status updates, items assignments and product availability.
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