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Companies Changing Policies, Salaries For IS Workers

U.S. companies are taking various steps to find and retain skilled workers in information systems (IS), indicates a just-released survey by the Manufacturers Alliance. Some 85% of respondents said that because of higher salaries being commanded by new hires, they're increasing salaries paid to the existing IS workforce. In addition, reports the Arlington, Va., research group, difficulties in hiring and retention "are placing pressure on established compensation scales" and forcing firms "to make exceptions to prior practices." The survey shows that alternative work arrangements (for example, flexible scheduling, telecommuting, and increased vacation) "appear to be increasing." And 80% of the respondents indicate that the majority of their new IS hires come from other companies.

More than 80% of the companies say they are experiencing difficulty in recruiting the technical IS talent they need. The problem is widespread, common in both rural and metropolitan areas.

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