Company Bundles Videoconferencing For Macintosh Users

Macintosh users now can videoconference with other Macintosh users or Windows users with an affordable multimedia conferencing and video chat bundle of applications operating on the Internet or intranets, according to the company providing the software for the program. The package includes a plug-and-play ZoomCam USB camera from Zoom Telephonics, and CU-SeeMe client software from White Pine Software Inc. With the system, users can see, speak, and hear in real-time with other users operating CU-SeeMe Pro for Windows, Microsoft Netmeeting, or any other H.323 standards-based client, by connecting through a MeetingPoint conference server such as the White Pine Cafe. For still-image capture, the resolution is up to 704 x 576 pixels, and for videoconferencing, the ZoomCam can perform as high as 30 frames per second. Cost of the package at retail should be under $80.

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