Computer Associates Tackles Project Management

Easier project management is the goal of Computer Associates International Inc. Its new CA-SuperProject/Net is a Web-based system that enables project managers to check project status via a desktop browser.

"CA-SuperProject/Net allows us to automate the entire range of project management tasks such as distributing reports and collecting status without requiring any additional training," says Bruce Poehlman, software development manager at Hewlett-Packard Co. "Its browser-based interface allows managers and staff from all over the country to simply log in and interact with the system from day one."

Other CA customers like the idea of having immediate access to timely project data.

"The status of activities is up to date, and critical information is available to other team members within minutes of an update," says Robert M. Sipple, a project manager at Electronic Data Systems. "Management now has the ability to retrieve project reports... without my assistance."

Based in Islandia, N.Y., Computer Associates is offering CA-SuperProject/Net for $2,500 for the client-server-based system and a license for 20 Internet-based users.

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