Computer Crime On The Rise -- Again

The fourth annual Computer Crime and Security Survey finds computer crime increasing -- for the third straight year. The survey, conducted by the Computer Security Institute and San Francisco FBI Computer Intrusion Squad, targeted corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies. Among the findings of the 1999 survey:

  • Thirty percent of respondents report system penetration by outsiders.
  • Those reporting their Internet connection as a frequent point of attack: 57%, up from 37% in 1996.
  • Unauthorized access by insiders: 55%.
  • Financial losses from computer security breaches totaled more than $100 million.
While 51% say they have suffered such financial losses, only 31% are able to quantify them. The most serious losses came through theft of proprietary information, and financial fraud. Of the respondents, 96% have Web sites, and 30% provide electronic commerce services. For a free paper copy of the final report, Issues and Trends: 1999 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey, e-mail your postal address to [email protected]
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