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Conference To Tackle E-Manufacturing

It was only a short time ago that dot.coms were flying high, now many count the days until they close. e-Alliances are ending. Venture funding now requires a real business plan with positive cash flow and eventual profits. The Engineering Society and The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences present a conference titled "e-Manufacturing: Making Manufacturing a Part of e-Business." The conference will be held Dec. 4-5 at the Sheraton Inn, Ann Arbor, Mich. The need for characteristics of traditional businesses combined with the better characteristics of dot.coms is evident. The real challenge for both old-economy and new-economy companies is to quickly identify and develop strategies and tactics for participating in the emerging industrial revolution. The conference features speakers, tutorial presentations, and case studies designed to enable businesses to get the most out of e-manufacturing. The keynote speaker will be David E. Cole of the Center for Automotive Research and Environmental Research Institute of Michigan. Jim Heaton, president of KVQuest, Ltd., an expert in e-manufacturing business, will moderate the panel discussions. The executive panel includes:

  • Al Gaulin, vice president of Lamb Technicon
  • Peter Janek, vice president and CIO, Delphi Automotive Systems
  • Ken Spenser, president, Think & Do Software
  • Mike Suman, group vice president, Advanced Sales, Marketing & Business Development Worldwide
  • Stephen G. Timme, president, FinListics Solutions
  • Clif Triplett, Produce Product Information Officer, General Motors Corp. For more information contact Nancy Strodl at 248/355-2910, ext. 152 or register online at
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