Consortium's Environmental Initiatives Attract New Members

Three new members -- Dell Inc., Endicott Interconnect Technologies and Senju Comtek Corp. -- have joined The National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI), a Herndon, Va.-based industry-led consortium comprised of electronics manufacturers and suppliers, industry associations, government agencies and universities. "We are pleased to welcome these companies to our membership and look forward to the contributions they will make to NEMI's efforts," says Jim McElroy, executive director and CEO of NEMI. "All three of these newest members were attracted to NEMI by our environmental initiatives. We have amassed a significant body of work related to lead-free assembly, and we have several new initiatives forming to address many of the supply-chain issues surrounding the electronics industry's transition to lead-free." NEMI, which has a goal to strengthen the electronics manufacturing supply chain, recently organized the RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) Transition Task Group to identify supply-chain issues related to RoHS compliance. Several new projects are being formed to address such things as assembly process standards, component and board marking (including part number change management), component supply-chain readiness (including component availability) and methods for disclosing and exchanging material composition information. The National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative

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