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Convert Tabular Information Into Textural Descriptions

Tables of data in project-management software can now be selectively presented in descriptive text and graphic form with Project Reporter, a new text-generation solution from CoGenTex Inc., Ithaca, N.Y. For instance the data within MicroSoft Project and other compatible project management solutions is converted to sentences and graphic presentations, such as Gantt charts (which illustrate project structure and interrelationship of tasks), allowing management to update themselves on project status. In addition, the system can be accessed without running the project-management software itself on the desktop, but simply by accessing the Reporter by Web browser. The text will contain hyper links allowing users to navigate through more project information where desired. The Project Reporter is one expression of the linguistic rule-based technology proprietary to CoGenTex. Grammatical and semantic rules imbedded in the technology allow its application to languages other than English. Another application of the technology is conversion of atmospheric data and models into textural weather reports.

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