Covisint Expands Services To Asia/Pacific, Japan, And China

Compiled By Tim Stevens Covisint, the auto industry consortium electronic exchange, has just opened its services to the Asia/Pacific region. Covisint Japan K.K., located in Tokyo, has been established as the Japanese subsidiary of Covisint LLC, which will expand delivery of Covisint products and services "from Japan to Australia and the subcontinent to China," says Luc Hovan, managing director, Covisint Japan. Updating the performance of Covisint through June 30, Covisint announced it has now registered about 1,000 users. Its customer procurement activity included more than 420 online bidding events with more than $33 billion in transactions, and more than 20,000 transactions from 200-plus catalogues featuring 2.5 million individual items. Its supply chain tools are in use by more than 1,500 customers in the automotive industry, according to the company.

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