Custom Elastomers Web Site Expands GE Silicones Capability

Compiled By Deborah Austin A new e-commerce Web site for custom compounded elastomers -- -- recently was launched by GE Silicones, a $1.4 billion operating division of GE Plastics. The new site offers comprehensive online services for materials research, product design, and order placement -- including custom samples and a technical library. With these services online, the firm expects to accelerate customer service delivery. joins other recent GE investments in custom silicone elastomers and related e-commerce. In August 2000, GE announced purchase of American Silicones Inc., a custom compounder of such elastomers. And last June, GE Silicones introduced its MySilicones online ordering suite. GE Silicones, headquartered in Waterford, N.Y., is a global manufacturer of silicones.

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