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DaimlerChrysler Plant Is Third With Total Water Recycling

All of the water in DaimlerChrysler AG's plant in Toluca, Mexico, will be recycled when a new state-of-the-art wastewater recycling facility opens later this year. Toluca will become the third DaimlerChrysler plant to achieve total water recycling. As part of the recycling process, the $17 million wastewater facility will be able to treat about 610,000 gallons of water each day. "With this facility, we are making sure that our plant will have minimal impact on the environment and on the water supply, not just in Toluca but across the region," says Neil McKay, DaimlerChrysler senior manager of Wastewater Planning and Compliance. "At the same time we are meeting our environmental responsibilities, we are also ensuring that our plant will continue to operate without being constrained by the limited water supply in the region." The Toluca facility employs 7,000 workers and includes four separate engine, transmission, stamping, and assembly plants.

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