Dakota Software Releases New Security Assessment Module

Compiled By Jill Jusko Dakota Software Corp., a provider of environmental, health and safety (EHS) auditing software, has added a security assessment module to its offerings. Applicable to any industrial site or transportation mode, the module presents question-based assessment protocols and security guidance from the American Chemistry Council, Occupational Safety & Health Administration and the Department of Transportation. It also serves as a portal to security resources on the Web. "In many cases, companies [that] never had to consider security issues now have to evaluate which measures to put in place," notes Dakota Software President Reg Shiverick. "Hopefully, they'll incorporate this important responsibility right into their regular auditing activities." Rochester, N.Y.-based Dakota Software also produces two complementary EHS products, Dakota Auditor and Dakota Tracer. Tracer is Web-based corrective-action tracking software that identifies what has been accomplished at different locations across an enterprise, while Auditor allows users to maintain up-to-date regulatory and compliance profiles of their facilities.

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