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DC Motor Market Becoming A Niche As AC Improves

The market for direct current (DC) integral horsepower (IHP) motors is quickly shrinking and becoming more niche focused, say analysts summarizing a recent study by Frost & Sullivan. Electronics within alternating current (AC) motors have improved functionality and reduced price -- so more customers are replacing their DC IHP motors with AC technology. Therefore DC is on its way to becoming a niche and replacement market. What's more, the economic downturn in Asia has made imported U.S. products more expensive there -- so U.S. DC IHP and synchronous motor manufacturers must reduce costs, and seek customers who are not overly dependent on Asian markets. The market for these motors reached $385.1 million in revenues in 1998, says the study. The new Frost & Sullivan study -- U.S. DC and Synchronous Integral Horsepower (IHP) Motor Markets -- includes revenue forecasts, market shares, trends, competitive issues, and strategies.

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