Dell Says Potential Split Won't Change Microsoft

Underlying customer demand for Microsoft products should not "fundamentally change" if the U.S. software giant splits into two, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers, said. Speaking at a CEO summit on converging technologies in London Tuesday, Dell would not comment on the details of the antitrust case against Microsoft, but said he did not approve of government intervention. Representatives at Dell Computers could not say what percentage of Dell computers are sold with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Separately, Dell said his company's relationship with telecommunications companies would gain in importance. He sees the next generation of wireless devices as "wireless, three-lb, Dell computers," rather than mobile phones. "Bundling communication services and products together" would become an increasingly important part of Dell's business, he noted. Devices such as Palm Pilots would not replace the PC, but would be complementary, he said. "At no time in the last seven years have we had as much robust growth as we are experiencing now," he told delegates.

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