Design, Analyze Power-Management Devices Online

Analog engineers can significantly shorten design time for power supplies with configuration and simulation functionality at, a new design site at National Semiconductor Corp. This secure, pay-per-use site allows design engineers to select the devices and architecture of prototype powers supplies, validate their virtual design through simulations, order products from National's broad range of power-management solutions, and create a bill of materials in a single session. Key to the site is the simulation capability where design simulation across start-up, time, and frequency domains, under changing supplies and loads, is completed in real time. The site also contains research, product information, news, tutorials, chat boards, and application support. "I think the tool has great potential for accelerating device selection, as well as facilitating rapid prototyping of circuit blocks," says David Katz, senior design engineer, Internet and Networking Group, Motorola Corp. "Given its broad variety of analysis options and intuitive user interface, it can easily save weeks worth of part searches and design simulations."

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