Digital Paper Handles Complex Content On Web

By Doug Bartholomew The task of managing and distributing technical documents such as engineering drawings could be made easier with a new software package from Digital Paper Corp. The new docQuest version 4.0 is a Web-based system that collects, manages, and delivers technical content without the need to change business processes or current systems, or retrain employees. Many of the features in the new release are useful for manufacturing discrete components, including automotive, aerospace, and industrial equipment. Among the new features are electronic packaging and distribution of documents to suppliers; replication of documents to remote sites, ensuring that suppliers or contract manufacturers have the most up-to-date drawings; and automatic notification, which sends users an e-mail when any document changes. A collaborative capability enables field service or manufacturing users to mark up technical documents and e-mail them to engineering users. Digital Paper's DirectSight, a streaming and viewing technology, allows Internet users to securely access complex content, including engineering drawings, at any time and from any place. Based in Alexandria, Va., Digital Paper has more than 200 customers, including General Motors Corp., Boeing Co., Nissan Motor Co., and Lucent Technologies.

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