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Discrete And Hybrid Manufacturing Customers Have New Organization

By Deborah Austin Production technology and energy management group Invensys PLC, London, has formed a new organization called Invensys Manufacturing Solutions. It is designed to provide turnkey solutions for manufacturing supply chains for discrete and hybrid manufacturing customers. The solution supports Invensys' Production Workflow engine -- where manufacturing work process are captured and executed as standard responses to defined manufacturing events -- and Supply Chain Accelerator solutions. Included are current products from Invensys' Wonderware, Foxboro and Baan operating units, such as InTrack, a resource and work-in-progress tracking product, and InBatch, a flexible batch management product. Invensys Manufacturing Solutions leverages Invensys' ArchestrA framework, which helps develop standardized and interoperable applications for managing continuous processes, discrete manufacturing and batch processing operations -- providing linkage to enterprise computing applications.

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