Distribution Software Aims To Entice Bakeries

Intermec Technologies Corp. has introduced a new version of its route distribution software that is specifically targeted to bakery companies. RoutePower is a route accounting application that automates route activities, including customer order information, delivery invoicing, inventory management and product pricing. Newer application features include re-distribution, stale sales reporting and GPS tracking capabilities. The RoutePower bakery version was co-developed by MobileTech Solutions Inc. and Intermec. New features were designed specifically for Intermec's 700 Color Series mobile computers. Wireless technology features on the 700 Color Series include built-in 802.11b local area network support, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which allow RoutePower to transmit data wirelessly within a customer's network. "Flexibility, the availability of real-time business information and accountability are more important than ever," notes Intermec Vice President Mike Colwell.

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