DOD Initiative Unveils New Web Site

No, it's not the Department of Defense Initiative. It is the Distribution On Demand Initiative, sponsored by Forte Industries, and it began operations with the launch of the Web site Distribution on demand is defined by Cincinnati-based Forte Industries as the "order fulfillment state an organization achieves when it can respond -- closest to real time -- to changes in demand while shipping 100% customer-compliant orders at the least cost." The DOD Initiative's mission is to promote distribution as a front-line business strategy and to establish a platform for DOD thought leadership. In its initial phase, the Web site introduces the initiative and distribution on demand. Additionally features include a DOD "blog," which provides commentary on DOD issues; DOD news; and a frequently-asked-questions area. Upcoming additions to the site include a DOD roadmap that provides a blueprint for achieving distribution on demand, a discussion board and a question-and-answer feature with DOD leaders.

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