E-Sourcing Application Receives An Upgrade

Iasta.com Inc. has released the latest application version of SmartSource 6.1 strategic sourcing tool, marking the second major release of the application in 2004. Indianapolis-based Iasta.com outlines several new features that distinguish its latest software release. They include:

  • Gantt charts to visualize a project's sourcing timeline
  • Calendar views to track daily activities
  • Trigger-based tasks and reminders with automatic e-mail sending
  • Milestone tracking for suppliers and internal team members
  • Strategic sourcing templates.
"Iasta has been making technology improvements for two years to provide a valuable component of the strategic sourcing process beyond online bidding events. This is an important part of our overall strategy to diversify the product and increase its value to all companies," says David Bush, vice president of business development.
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