Eastman Kodak Outsources To Save Energy, Cut Pollution

Eastman Kodak Co., one of the largest air polluters in New York, has decided to outsource operations at its Rochester, N.Y., energy plant. The move is expected to help the company reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2004. Eastman Kodak also expects to achieve a 15% reduction in energy usage. The Rochester-based firm will turn over its energy plant to Trigen-Cinergy Solutions (TCS), a partnership between Trigen Energy Corp. of White Plains, N.Y., and Cinergy of Cincinnati. "Our emphasis on fuel savings, reduced energy usage, and energy efficiency allows Kodak to lower costs, and enhances its efforts to improve the environment," says Steve Harkness, chief operating officer for TCS. Trigen uses thermal sciences to promote the efficient conversion of fuel to thermal energy and electricity, and combines the production of heat and power to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used.

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