Employees Don't Expect Fair Treatment At Work

By Michael A. Verespej There are no expectations of fair workplace treatment, according to a recent survey of the American workforce conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates Inc. for the AFL-CIO. The study, designed to gauge what workers think about their jobs and their employers, found that nearly two out of three workers surveyed (63%) said that they had little faith that employers would treat them fairly. A parallel finding: 62% of those who had experienced harassment or discrimination at work said that it is either very difficult or somewhat difficult to get such issues addressed. A clear majority (68%) said that they support more protection of their workplace rights. And whereas only 47% five years ago said that management has too much power compared with workers, today 57% feel that way. Likewise, 56% -- compared with just 44% five years ago -- said that new laws are needed to hold corporations to a higher standard of responsibility in the way they treat workers. "This study sounds an alarm about persistent discrimination and declining levels of trust [by workers] in employers," says AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney.

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