Employers Want Reliable Wellness Information For Workers

Reliability of content is more important than cost when organizations choose and distribute wellness materials to their employees, reveals a recent survey. The survey, conducted by Frank N. Magid and Associates Inc. on behalf of Mayo Clinic HealthQuest, showed credibility of the source is the top factor in choosing such materials. It was rated very important by 82% of respondents. Second most important is the topic selection found in the materials (rated very important by 75% of respondents), followed by price (65%). "Employers believe health information resources such as newsletters that provide practical self-care and prevention information are good investments," says Dick Haynes, senior vice-president of research at Magid. The study polled employers, membership organizations, and health-plan providers. Of respondents, 70% of medium-sized organizations (400 - 2,000 employees or members) provided health newsletters, as did 66% of small organizations (fewer than 400 employees), and 59% of large organizations (with more than 2,000 employees).

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