EPA Honors Pitney Bowes For Dramatic Recycling Success

Compiled by Glenn Hasek Pitney Bowes Inc., Stamford, Conn., has been selected as an EPA WasteWise program champion for the third year in a row. The company, which joined the program in 1997, now has 18 participating facilities across four divisions. In 1999 the 18 facilities reported a 75% recycling rate. Most municipalities, according to the EPA, recycle only 27% of their waste. More than 818 tons of paper were recycled by Pitney Bowes last year. That translates into the preservation of 13,906 trees and 3.3 million kilowatts of energy, and the reduction of air pollutants by 24.5 tons. "We are proud that WasteWise has recognized our efforts for three years in a row," says Michael J. Critelli, chairman and CEO. "Our strong environmental stewardship initiatives are important to all our business constituents, including employees and shareholders. Incorporating environmentally friendly business practices into our products and services creates an additional value-add for customers, and is a key element of our customer-centric business strategy." The EPA launched WasteWise in 1994 as a voluntary partnership program to help businesses and institutions find practical methods to reduce municipal solid waste, increase recycling, and encourage the buying and manufacturing of products with recycled content.

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