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EPA Names Climate Protection Award Winners

The EPA has selected 19 winners worldwide to its Climate Protection Award (the EPA foresees this as an annual award). The award recognizes individuals, companies, associations, and government agencies that maintain a commitment to the environment by demonstrating exceptional leadership, personal motivation, and technical innovation in protecting the earth's climate. Recipients of the Climate Protection Award demonstrate one or more of these characteristics: originality and public purpose, persuasive moral and/or organizational leadership, global perspective and implication, and actual (or equivalent) reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions. This year's corporate and government winners include: British Petroleum Co. PLC, Centro Nacional de Referencia em Biomassa, Compaq Computer Corp., Enron Corp., IBM Corp., McDonald's Corp., NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory, Royal Phillips Electronics, Sustainable Energy Development Authority, Toyota Motor Corp., The Trane Co., Trigen Energy Corp., the U.S. Navy (DD 963/CG 47 Stern Flap R&D Team, NSWCCD), The Walt Disney Co., and Whirlpool Corp. Association winners include the China CFC-Free Energy-Efficient Refrigerator Project and World Semiconductor Council.

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