EPA Recognizes Environmental Crusaders

Compiled By Traci Purdum The Environmental Protection Agency's National Environmental Performance Track program, which recognizes a facility's commitment to top environmental management and continuous improvement to environmental performance, recently added 32 new members -- bringing the total number of members to 280. "Through Performance Track, EPA recognizes and rewards businesses and public facilities that demonstrate strong environmental performance beyond current requirements," says Christie Whitman, EPA administrator. "While building a collaborative relationship with EPA, Performance Track participants realize environmental results beyond what could be achieved through regulation and enforcement alone. Their efforts will be of significant help as we look toward our ultimate goal: cleaner air, purer water and better protected land." Indeed, Performance Track facilities are committed to reducing solid waste by 225 million pounds; lowering emissions of greenhouse gases by 26 million pounds; recycling or reusing more than 5 million pounds of materials; and reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds by 98,000 pounds. Performance Track's member facilities represent both small businesses and large companies from the chemical, electronic, automotive, dry cleaning and pharmaceutical industries, among others. The new members include additional facilities from companies already participating (such as Dupont, International Paper, IBM, 3M, and Rohm and Haas) as well as from companies new to the program (such as PPG Industries, Yamaha Music Manufacturing and Marathon Ashland). They also include a public facility -- NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center.

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