Essay Contest Offers $25,000 Prize

Industry representatives are among those eligible to enter a new essay competition sponsored by St. Andrews University of Scotland and Houston-based Conoco. The purpose of the contest is to identify solutions from all practical viewpoints -- scientific, economic, and political -- to environmental problems. Another important component of the selection criteria will be the ability of the entrant to present a paper that will stimulate broad public debate. The deadline for the 3,000-word essay is Jan. 31, 1999. The winner of the contest will receive the $25,000 St. Andrews Prize. The annual prize was launched by the Rt. Hon. Alistair Darling MP, Britain's secretary of state for Social Security, on Oct. 23, 1998. It is guided by an international committee of trustees headed by Sir Crispin Tickell, convener of the British Government's Panel on Sustainable Development and former ambassador to the United Nations. The prize will be presented at a seminar at St. Andrews on May 20-21, 1999. Call Guy Cantwell of Conoco at 281/293-3037 for more information.

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