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EU's Retaliation Lists Target Apples, Men's Suits And Steel

By John S. McClenahen The 15-nation European Union (EU) has readied two lists of U.S. exports against which it might retaliate in the continuing trans-Atlantic battle over U.S. steel import tariffs. The Bush Administration imposed the tariffs on March 20. The EU could retaliate as soon as June 18. The first EU list -- comprised of selected U.S. exports worth $364 million on which the Europeans propose to increase duties by 100% -- include fresh apples, dried vegetables, men's and boy's suits, women's and girl's suits, blankets, flat-rolled stainless steel, stainless steel bars and rods, steel containers, printing machinery, and eyeware. The second EU list of U.S. goods -- some $2.2 billion worth for which EU import duties would rise 8% to 30% -- includes frozen vegetables, apricots, writing paper, account books, men's and boy's overcoats, women's and girl's blouses, footwear, flat-rolled stainless steel wider than 600 mm, alloy steel wire, stoves, radiators, tools, and yachts.

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