Exchange Gives Midsized Manufacturers Buying And Selling Power

Chicago-based CapacityWeb has launched an Internet exchange to enable midsized industrial manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide to buy and sell engineered parts, capabilities, and manufacturing capacity. More than 150 companies from across the United States, South America, and Asia have already registered as users with CapacityWeb. "CapacityWeb has built an end-to-end solution that delivers higher efficiencies for buyers and sellers across the entire manufacturing value chain," says Scott Hazlett, CapacityWeb president and COO. "CapacityWeb will enable manufacturing companies to reduce cost, eliminate or dramatically reduce non-value-added activity, while accessing a broader, global marketplace." CapacityWeb provides a solution for both buyers and sellers, extending offerings to include logistics and financial services, first-part inspections and other risk-management services, online conferencing and other collaborative enablers, import/export documentation, performance consulting, buying and selling of used equipment, and Web-hosting services for contract manufacturers.

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