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Executives Rely Most On Networking For Hires

Executives rely most often on their associates when looking to fill senior-level jobs, ranking executive search firms and human resources departments as second and third most important, respectively. Executive career-management Web site conducted the survey of 107 U.S. executives, 70% of whom have hired more than 20 senior managers. "Executives turn to their networks first because personal recommendation and referral is the most trusted source of talent," says Dave Opton, CEO and founder. "Networking requires time and energy, but it's without a doubt the most effective career-management tool available." The survey also found:

  • 56% of executives review fewer than 25 resumes for each opening, while 28% review 25 to 50; and 16% review more than 50.
  • 86% do not trust resume content to be truthful.
  • 69% of companies interview between four and six candidates.
  • In most cases, hiring is done by committee.
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