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Experts Say Retail Relationship Key For Manufacturers

Compiled By Traci Purdum Manufacturers know that making a good impression with consumers helps sales. But how retailers perceive you is just as important, according to Kline & Co. Inc., an international business consulting firm based in Little Falls, N.J. "Manufacturers may have good relationships with upper-level corporate executives at retail chains, but in general, they don't seem to do a good job at the store level," notes Engelbert Felberthann, director of retail and consumer intelligence at Kline. "The store level is where product performance and growth of market share is really decided, so this failure leaves manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage." To help manufacturers better execute at the store level, Kline is offering several services -- called TradeInsights -- to address concerns including:

  • How is your company perceived by store managers?
  • What are the policies and sales-and-marketing practices of your direct competitors at the store level?
  • How can you improve your sales-and-marketing execution at the store level?
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