Export Compliance Solution Patrols Cross-Border Trade

Compiled By Deborah Austin As cross-border trade faces heightened security measures, global supply-chain technology provider ClearCross Inc. is offering corporations a 90-day free trial when they sign up for its Export Compliance Solution (ECS), an Internet-based service for managing international regulatory compliance. The ECS automatically screens every order, employee or recipient against a database of restricted parties, license determination, embargoes and sanctions. Proactive exception notification provides real-time information so decision-makers can intervene quickly. Content is continuously updated on the ClearCross compliance server, eliminating customers' need to maintain regulatory databases and updates. Comprehensive audit trails of each screening are centrally collected and stored for potential regulatory audit. ClearCross, Reston, Va., provides industry-specific solutions for companies in chemical, energy, high-tech, pharmaceutical and consumer-packaged-goods sectors.

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